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5 Reasons IT Certifications Are Absolutely Worth It

It pains most people to start looking at furthering their education. Demanding
jobs, families, and life in general all stand as a huge barrier of entry.

How to pass your PMP® exam the first time

The PMP® exam is the world’s most difficult non-technical certification in the world for a reason. 47 unique processes, hundreds of ITTO’s, formulas and terminology you don’t use in your day to day. But you knew all this as you went through the class and maybe now you are feeling overwhelmed as you gear up to sit your exam. First that is totally normal and if you can keep these five things in mind to help you study you will pass the first time.

Motivational Theories And The Gurus Who Created Them



Video Runtime: 5 Minutes and 42 Seconds

Video Summary: A high level overview of the motivational theorists found on the PMP® exam but not in the PMBOK Guide®.

Why Project Management Is Like Football


Video Runtime: 6 Minutes and 29 Seconds

Video Summary: All great Project Managers and football teams have a lot of things in common. In this blog we'll go through the key points all successful football teams and project teams need to know to get to the "big game" and be successful.

The Most Expensive PCs in Computer History

If you've found yourself complaining, or slightly perturbed when it comes
to your next computer purchase and or update, stop right now.

Have a kool-aid and think about when the cost of your device was on par
with your college tuition. Here’s a glimpse into the emptied wallet of a baby-boomer who
wanted to journey into personal computing.

Standard ACLs - Part 2

Video Runtime: 8.55 min <br>

Video Summary: A demo on configuring Standard ACL's <br>

In ICND1 we discuss Access Lists, a way to identify a specific type of traffic. Standard ACL's can just look at Source IP Address. This video discusses how to configure a Standard ACL on Cisco IOS. <br>

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Standard ACL's - Part 1

Video Runtime: 7 min

Video Summary: Overview of Standard ACL's

In ICND1 we discuss Access Lists, a way to identify a specific type of traffic. Standard ACL's can just look at Source IP Address - whereas Extended ACL's can look at Source and Destination IP in addition to Source and Destination L4 Port number.

5 Ways IT Pros Can Relate To Football

1. Occasionally there is no explanation to why something worked.

We’ve all been there. Whether it was a crazy play call that resulted in a last second score for the win, or perhaps you accidentally stumbled across the solution to your network enigma.

Changing default Windows 10 security settings

Video Runtime:  14:19 minutes

Video Summary:

Joining a Windows 10 Enterprise machine to a Domain

Video Runtime:  4:44 minutes

Video Summary:

In this video, StormWind Instructor and Sybex Author Will Panek will show you how to join a Windows 10 Enterprise system to a domain.


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